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Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo

President at Leader One Inc

Ottawa, ON Canada

I empower leaders int heir desire to lead innovation, build happy wealth and enjoy a life they love. MBA, Certified Coach, Mentor.

Benjamin Warsinske

Founder at, Inc

Chicago, IL

I help entrepreneurs and executives improve their organization through performance management, analysis, and strategic planning.

Ed Drozda The Small Business Doctor

The Small Business Doctor at E & D Associates

North Attleboro, MA

Ed Drozda, The Small Business Doctor; a business coach who will help you to create a sustainably healthy business.

Farzad Wafapoor

Managing Director at ASRteam

Boston, MA

I'm the managing director at ASR team. Our Emmy Award® winning team offers video production, app development, and digital marketing solutions.

Donncha Hughes

Principal at Donncha Hughes

Galway Ireland

Trainer, Business Mentor and Advisor based in Ireland

Charles Yarbrough

President at Web Host Pro Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I help businesses run the right way! I have over 17 years of owning my own successful new age business.

Mike Van Horn

President, Small business growth advisor at The Business Group

San Rafael, CA

I love to help small business owners grow to the size and profit they want, and overcome their barriers to growth.

Mark Hofmaier

Sales Performance Coach at Coach Hof

New York, NY

Hello! I'm a business/life coach partnering with motivated individuals and groups to increase productivity, and reach unrealized potential.

Firdaus Kapadia

Owner at SMB Associates

Nasik India

I offer practical advice that works to SME business owners looking to start, setup or grow their business in India.

Amara Rose

Creative Strategist at Live Your Light

Sebastopol, CA

I give your vision a voice through strategic marketing magic: branding, compelling copy, and on-point coaching to build or boost your brand.

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