John Answered: What is the best way to set up our culinary businesses? We have 3 different areas of interest.

There is really not enough information to be definitive, but for starters, you could probably ditch the parent S-Corp. For 3 different businesses, having 3 different companies can make a lot of sense....

John Answered: Can someone help me with advising on a Lawyer for a small business?

If quality is not an issue, then go for the cheapest lawyer you can find. I suggest you first determine what your legal budget is, then prioritize your legal needs based on what will help you achieve...

John Answered: How to create a vesting schedule for an LLC?

Stephen: Have you researched on line for examples of vesting schedules? This is not that arcane a subject that you can't find something on the web. Typical vesting schedules are based on time, though...

John Answered: How do I legally create an "umbrella" company that has several different types of businesses under it? Do I incorporate, use dba's, etc.?

You can do it the way you describe, with the umbrella entity filing dbas as needed. The problem with your approach, however, is that each line of business will be subject to the liabilities of the other...

John Answered: Do I need a lawyer to incorporate as a C corp?

You don't "need" a lawyer, but you should "want" to have a lawyer help with this.

John Answered: What are the differences between being an Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor or an LLC?

Kimberly: It's a little unclear what you mean by independent contractor for MY marketing business. If it's your own business, then you are a sole proprietor. If it is someone else's business, then you...

Alberto: Your license could probably use some tweaking to make the limitation on liability clearer. Incorporating/LLC is a great way to provide an extra layer of insulation, and probably not a bad idea...

John Answered: What is the right time to approach investors with my business idea?

Ideally, you approach the investors when your valuation is highest and when your need is lowest. Sorry, but this is an intentionally vague answer that masks the actual complexity of any useful answer....

John Answered: Should you incorporate in the state you are headquartered?

Jen: When forming a new company, you have two major choices - what kind of entity and which state to form it in. As noted below, LLC is the main alternative choice to Corp. One of the main reasons to...

John Answered: When it comes to taxes, support (financial and otherwise), and privacy, which state is the best place to incorporate?

I am not aware of any tax or financial support benefits that arise based on your state of incorporation. Typically you incorporate in the state you live in or Delaware. Delaware has better privacy in...

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