Website Policy Review

What would you like the new site to accomplish? For example; Communicate what differentiates us from the competition, Support sales activities or Generate leads.

Are there things about your current site that you like and wish to retain?
Please name some Web sites that you admire and tell us why.

What does your sales cycle look like, and where does your Web site fit in? Have you used your site in the past to support sales activities? This could include client-specific extranets, landing pages, webinars, and registration for high-value content.

Content Questions

Aside from what’s on the Web site now, what other content is currently available to be used on the new site? For example, white papers, demos, case studies, etc…
Is there a strategic reason to differentiate between multiple product?

Audience Needs

Do you know how often your average visitor comes to the site? Do you have access to your Web site statistics?

What drives users to the site? Is it strictly search engines or do you share links with other sites?
Aside from needing some targeted functionality, how different are the perceptions are not-for-profit institutions from for-profit institutions?

To what extent do your prospects want the entire package versus wanting to cherry-pick pieces of functionality?


What is your target platform and browser (if you know)?

Are there specific technologies (Flash®, DHTML, JavaScript, etc.) you would like to use in the site? Please describe in detail.

Will you have database functionality (dynamic content generation, search capabilities, personalization/log-in, etc.)? Do you already have a database in place? Please describe in detail, including specific information regarding existing programs and software.

Who will be managing updates to the site? What level of experience do they have with HTML and Web site maintenance? Will more than one person update the site?

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