The Case for Reducing IT Complexity

My experience in implementing pragmatic solutions provides a compelling story for reducing IT comple...


"Google is Dead - Long Live the King"

This is the obituary headline I hope to write someday.If you are a small business owner you should h...


7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

It's actually better to have no website than to have one that makes your business look bad. Your web...


Brand Identity and Page Linking where Content is Still King

Content from Page linking and PLR sources can brand you as someone who cares about your trade, is co...


15 Timely Business Tips for 2015

For entrepreneurs like me and business owners it is customary as one calendar year draws to a close,...


For Many... Search Engine Optimization Fails to Drive Website Traffic

Driving traffic to a website is not done effectively by search engines alone. That is the truth. Oft...

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