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Your business is not as small as you may believe. You are growing but not realizing your growth in consistent cash flow, stable income and dependable revenue.

The Business-Accelerated® Company is an Executive Management Consulting firm specializing in high impact revenue accelerators for small business owners and business professionals with the will to advance and step up their "A" Game and serve a higher vision for their business.

You will uncover the opportunities that exist in your business right now. When you work with us you learn a system that transforms you away from inventory manager to revenue generator. You discover how to ignite momentum with scaling techniques that return to you more time to focus on designing both aggressive and active streams of income and positive cash flow.

It begins with you, how you serve and how your market wants to receive what you have.

We position you inside the way your market wants to be attracted to your offers. With small enhancements to strategically raise your visibility you expand your reach, attract more people who need your work and retain them with your unique products, services and gifts.

Find your revenue sweet spot for 2014 when you register for a revenue breakthrough strategy lesson at or visit our Live Event for 2015 previewing this quarter at:

Business Description

We are Revenue Strategists specializing in intangible capital, Intellectual Property, Revenue convergence and revenue generation systems.

Our revenue performance audits discover revenue streams in operations, e.commerce systems, financial and marketing systems.

Our clients experience our proprietary audit discovery system that narrow s the focus on the revenue generating tasks that increase your net income in your business.

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

What I like most is the sense of accomplishment anytime a business owner discovers their capability to navigate their business direction with the right tools that guide their success. For example, an employee with a desire to transition from an employee to a business owner struggled with differentiating administrative tasks from revenue performance tasks. The challenge was in thinking like an owner and revenue tasks lead to income while administrative tasks lead to increasing costs. Owners begin to look at what they do more closely begin to ask themselves each day, "Will this task end in revenue or end in a dead end?

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

What is the difference between an executive management consultant and a management consultant? Management consultants help companies with improving their performance with analysis existing problems and solutions plans for improvement. Executive management consultants work with executives responsible for delivering value to the enterprise. The value embraces shareholder value, strategies that create competitive advantage in marketing, technology and sales. Executive management consultants are trusted advisors. Professionals who derive the benefits of working with executive management consultants include enterprise CXOs, managing directors, principles and business owners.

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

A recent client engagement involved a project in the entertainment arts subsector of the entertainment industry. In this engagement a unique mix of performance professionals and medical professionals collaborated to bring about the results of their collaboration into an intellectual revenue asset portfolio. The ensemble comprised people with specific ideas about their contribution and the method by which to deliver their contribution. After establishing the objective of the project which everyone agreed to, it was a matter of holding everyone accountable to listen to each presentation, constructively critique the content for optimal usage in the outcome, honor each contributor and each person taking ownership of their specific contribution and suggestions to improve the ensemble for the September, 2014 opening season. The work to be performed is original content, the criteria we look for to begin differentiating the work and position the work for investment then transforming the work for licensing.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

Attribute #1: Depth of subject knowledge of the industry, subsector and channel of delivery of at least three areas where businesses and business owners want to compete. Attribute #2: The ability to intake and disseminate massive amounts of data and information into a simple structure that readers and listeners can comprehend, use and transform into a commercialized asset. Attribute #3: The Intellectual portfolio requires patience which contributes to finding potential areas where IP may not be immediately visible. Once visible, the question becomes is it commercially viable. Too often it is not viable which is acceptable to the client whose expectations were set at the outset. Patience is the core component that makes the exploration possible.

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

Service providers in my field are trans-disciplinary professionals with a portfolio of professional skills. Professionals in this field have the capacity and capability to guide the business toward their desired end result. These service providers often have a project management skill as well as the capacity to work through the frustrations and challenges people fast when time and evaluation are not appropriately applied to the project. An Executive Management Consultant is a specialist in using expertise to uncover the story behind challenges you face in your business. Companies with an interest in digital design on a specific revenue path can realize a sustained annual revenue of $1.2m when efficiency and organization is a desired outcome in the business.

How are you different than others in your profession?

I am different because I concentrate on value and not on widgets. My concentration in on the experience someone receives from the value delivered in the experience. More often than not, people do not always know what they want or need they do know they want a solution to their particular challenge. Sometimes people think they need marketing. Perhaps they do. But along with marketing they also need the infrastructure supporting their marketing. The required infrastructure is defined in the context of their desire for marketing. I look for the least cost, least intrusive system the person can implement immediately. People receive what they need, they are positioned to reach the next level, they are viable in their ability to generate revenue. The value becomes tangible.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Books: The Science of Success Good to Great, Drive, The Unwritten Rules, Disrupt, Influence Mentors: Chet Holmes, David Neagle, Debbie Quagish Events: The annual CEO roundtable at the Securities and Exchange Commission in NYC, Marketo Revenue Rockstar events, Oracle/Eloqua networking events.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

My ground rules with clients are strict. Their issues, challenges, concerns, fears, and doubts will be handled in a professional, non-blaming, safe and open environment of truth, honesty and integrity. My company rules for non-disclosure, transparency and privacy are strictly enforced. Our assumption is simple: we are professionals. All issues are solve-able. Unhappiness over any deliverable is to be identified, discussed and corrected, regardless of how the issue arose. Blame is unacceptable as we take full ownership for what is and is not applicable to the company. Hysteria is intolerable. I run a professional business, I am a professional and our expectation is that the client reach and maintain our standard.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

My proudest professional accomplishment has occured when and does occur when I have communicated the value of the store, the integrity of the delivery, the 100% satisfaction guarantee that inspires the listener, corporate or individual to invest in the right solution for them.

Is it possible to discern or detect when a provider prevaricates?

Yes. Past performance is an unreliable indicator of future value. Ask the right questions and you will save yourself time, resources and effort when answers are incongruent with the vision, mission and project results expected. The Fermi solution is the best indicator. Anything within +/- 2% of results or projected results is by far the most solid indicator.


Executive Management Consultant, Executive Business Consultant, Business Revenue Accelerator at Business-Accelerated® Company | Client American Legion Hudson Valley

January 2013 - Present
~ Applying strategic social marketing to existing campaign.
~ Design rebranding marketing campaign for dentist with 30 years in dental field.
~ Rebrand practice around new practice name, marketing campaign and social mobile media.
~ Create performance measures for existing offline business.
~ Transfer and use offline strengths to online capability.
~ Influence NYU Alumni relationshps to increase practice visibility.
~ Apply case study strategy to improve practice performance.

Executive Management Consultant, Executive Business Consultant, Business Revenue Accelerator at Business-Accelerated® Company | Client Libby's Funeral Home Inc.

May 2011 - December 2011
- Develop target market stategy for generations caring for aging parents.
- Design content advertising collaterals to attract undecided market
- Repackage existing ads and brochure-ware into nurture based assets that begin sensitive family dialogue.
- Create a structured visual package to differentiate Libbys from competitors
- Position the organization for regional expansion through acquition.

Executive Management Consultant, Executive Business Consultant, Business Revenue Accelerator at Business-Accelerated® Company | Client American Legion Hudson Valley

March 2011 - September 2011
- Plan and design social media campaign for operatic concert for wounded veterans.
- Identify strategic northern tier targets including patrons of the arts
- Create detailed budget for "Christmas in July" campaign

Executive Management Consultant, Executive Business Consultant, Business Revenue Accelerator at Business-Accelerated® Company | Client The Geisha Group

June 2010 - December 2010
- Align CEO content objective with business vision.
- Design a content framework to yield a content collateral for integration across multiple platforms and marketing channels.
- Create a market accelerator attracting wider market share.

Executive Management Consultant, Executive Business Consultant, Business Revenue Accelerator at Business-Accelerated® Company | Client

January 2009 - December 2010
~ Guide offline executive coaching practice into a targeted online presence.
~ Establish framework, wireframes, marketing and branding including case study services to eliminate non-essential services and streamline production.
~ Reduce reliance on outdated proprietary software.
~ Introduced digital practice portfolio in blog format.

Unified Communications Architect at Hewlett-Packard

June 2007 - July 2008
Microsoft Exchange 2007 solution architect designing telecommunciations systems for companies who need to merge legacy and proprietary messaging systems across multiple platforms for speed and agility in global markets.

Manage project financials and bugets for cost effective, competitive advantage.

CEO, Executive Management Consultant, Executive Business Consultant, Business Revenue Accelerator at The Business-Accelerated® Company

December 2006 - Present
~ Delivers social technology framework for small and mid-sized business owners.
~ Design interactive media strategies that improve consumer engagement.
~ Plan metrics and benchmark outcomes for performance.
~ Guide offline business in online transition including Social Networks and Social Media, Marketing appropriate to the practice.
~ Audit existing social technology platform for placement and fit.

Director, Technical Planning at E&J Management Corp, LLC

October 2004 - June 2007
Expanding market venture into Internet Marketing. Acquired 3 smaller firms and 103,000 subscriber accounts. Technical planning includes web site consolidtion planning, use of forums, weblogs, rss feeds, ipod broadcasting, eGift card services, wireless service for Newburgh, New York.
Joint Venture with Preservation Development Project, Yonkers, New York
Successfully completed project built 22 middle income single family units.

Senior Microsoft Messaging Specialist at IBM

February 2002 - Present

Senior Messaging Specialist at Georgia-Pacific

March 1999 - Present


University of San Francisco

Degree: MCIM
Field of Study: Interactive Online Marketing & Technology

Pace University - Lubin School of Business

Degree: M.B.A.
Field of Study: Executive Management

Pace University

Degree: Master of Science
Field of Study: Telecommunications-Computer Science

Seidenberg School of Computer Science at Pace University

Degree: Master of Science
Field of Study: Telecommunications-Computer Science

Seidenberg School of Computer Science at Pace University

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Field of Study: Computer Science

Pace University-Pleasantville/Briarcliff Campus

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Field of Study: Computer Science


Alfred I DuPont Silver Baton

Issuer: Columbia School of Journalism
Date: May 01, 1991


Revenue Quarterly Tips Newsletter

Publication: Revenue Quarterly Tips Newsletter
Date: Nov 22, 2017
Revenue tip from 23 Revenue models

Healing, Health and Happiness

Publication: Healing, Health and Happiness
Date: May 01, 2013

Interview with medical tourism platform, iElixir

Publication: Madras Joint Replacement Center
Date: Oct 31, 2010
Madras Joint Replacement Center in conversation with IElixir, a US based Medical tourism platform


Contact Information

Business-Accelerated Company, Beacon, NY. 12508
Beacon, NY
Phone: 845-489-0616

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