David Answered: Is Vimeo better than YouTube for businesses?

Hi Jen,

Great question! The answer is Vimeo and YouTube. There are 3 things to consider when deciding.

1. The first question is, what type of video are you uploading and why?...

David Answered: When does it make sense to open a second location for your business?

Hi Carrie-

There are 3 main factors to look at that will help you determine if it makes sense.

1. You have rock solid systems in your business already that are easily duplicated...

David Answered: How do you determine the right price for speaking engagements?

Hi Julie, great question! I have been a professional speaker and coach for the last 2 decades and I get this question a lot. Here is what I have found works best for me.
1.) When just starting...

David Answered: How do you overcome nervousness of public speaking or attending networking events?

Hi Kristy,

Great question! I have been teaching public speaking for over a decade and I hear this question often. I have had the privilege now of serving over half a million people like...

David commented on: What is the best strategy to find new customers, either B2B or final customers?

Your welcome! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you. Cheers, Coach David Brownlee

David Answered: What is the best strategy to find new customers, either B2B or final customers?

Hi Marlon,

Great question! This is what I coach my clients on everyday. There are 3 ways to get the best results.

1) Become an expert in your field - Research, study and create...

David Answered: How can I recruit fully commission based sale reps for an iPad based Point of Sale system?

Hi Golam,

Great question. There are 3 things to consider when hiring commission only sales reps. It is possible but can definitely be a challenge to find qualified reps.


David Answered: What is the best way to identify my exact target market and build relationships with them?

Great question Morgan! I hear this a lot from my clients. There are 3.5 main principles to remember.

1) Ask yourself, "Who has the means, need and access for my product or service?" Brainstorm...

David Answered: How can I turn an angry customer into a loyal customer?

Great question Becca!

Threre are 3 steps to turn an angry customer into a loyal client.

First, contact them and listen. Phone calls are the best. Typically, upset customers...

David Answered: How can I run and grow a business in an awful political/economical environment?

Hi Karin, I hear you. I know how this can affect business owners and especially the mindset and emotions of how you feel and operate day to day. This belief affects your mood, your decisions and your...

David Answered: How do we improve the quality of customer service?

Great question Armando! I get this question a lot. I have been fortunate enough to train over a quarter million people from around the world in Excellent Customer Service. There are 3 things you must...

David Answered: Any suggestions for professional coaching training programs?

Hi Mary! Great question. I get this a lot.

I got certified through Fowler International Academy of Professional coaching initially. It was great, but I continued to hone my skills with...

David Answered: How can I transition from part time to full time?

Great question Chad! There are 3 things to consider when looking at how to transition from part time to full time.

1. When your net income reaches at or above your current salary with your...

David Answered: Is there a "good" way to cold call?

Great question Gery! The answer is a resounding YES! Absolutely. Cold-calling is one of the best ways to generate new business. What makes it so important is because you get to control how your company...

David Answered: How can I overcome rejection from email marketing?

Hi David,

Great question. I have a lot of clients in the same boat. Here are the top 3 things I have found to be most effective.

1. Use automate emails as a follow-up to stay...

David Answered: Where can I find the right staff and/or interns to hire?

Great question Krystal. There are three places that are the best:

1. LinkedIn - This is where the professionals are that are eager to work, are friends if friends and easy to reach through...

David commented on:

Great distinctions Julie! You rock!

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