Cynthia Answered: How can I best promote and find new clients for my business after re-locating?

A great way to get the word out that you have moved and attract new business is by getting booked as a guest on local radio shows and talking about areas of interest with your business.


Cynthia Answered: How do I get people to help donate to my cause?

Pull at people heart strings. Get some of your cancer receipiants to agree to say how much it means to them that people care enough to help with this unique program on video.

Don't get overwhelmed...

Cynthia Answered: How do I get around the "I don't have time to do this now" answer?

I agree with Arnold Stolting- if you set up an autoresponder with messages that gives the user ideas on how to effectively use the system, why it will help make their business become more profitable, and...

Cynthia Answered: Can anyone recommend a good software or app for mindmaps?

I realy like I have built entire sales presentations in full color using this platform. I think you will like it. They have free and very low cost plans!

Cynthia Answered: How can I increase traffic to my website with a small budget and without spending hours on social media?

An extremely cheap way to increase traffic is with YouTube and Facebook video advertising. With a few cents a click you can drive a lot of traffic. I would send them to a
Lead capture page giving...

Cynthia Answered: What can I use as a "lead magnet" to attract readers to our newsletter?

I agree with Storm give away an ebook or podcast about your area of expertise. This is definitely a conversion tactic so you might consider running an ad on YouTube or Facebook to your target audience...

Cynthia Answered: Should I publish my prices on my website?

If you are selling products and want them to buy from your site then it works to have the pricing available.

If you are selling higher priced services then you do not want to post your prices....

Cynthia Answered: Where do you start when you're feeling overwhelmed?

One option you may want to consider is that it is extremely cheap to advertise on YouTube and Facebook right now.

I would suggest doing some research by going to YouTube and in their search...

Cynthia Answered: Do you still use old fashioned snail mail to attract new customers and generate leads?

Snail mail can work well if done right. People do tend to ignore traditional mail but a 3D lumpy mail series can really get great results. I use

Lumpy mail can be a bank...

Cynthia Answered: What is the most important make or break step in the sales process?

The most important part of the sales process is at the very beginning when you sit down and find out what their needs and desires are.

Unless you do this properly your close will be weak and...

Cynthia Answered: How can I get more clients?

This may be an interesting way to get your work known.

First talk to people who are promoting major events in your area.

It could be State fair, business expo, or fundraising...

Cynthia Answered: Marketers who sell social strategy consulting: how many of you enact the strategy and perform the day to day execution/ operations for your clients?

I work with a team that includes a project manager as well as the people who implement the marketing.

Two reasons for this. Number 1- I want people who specialize in specific areas to focus...

Cynthia Answered: Email is dead for effective campaign marketing. Agree or disagree and why?

Email can be a great way to market if you are careful to take care of your list.

If you provide good informational content people will like and trust you. They are more likely to open your...

Cynthia Answered: What is the best way to do business online without appearing like a spammer?

A good rule of thumb is to provide 10 good solid informational emails for every 1 sales piece.

People will begin to see you as an important resource and they will be more likely to buy from...

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