Where can I get help with my website?

I have spent more than $8,000.00 in marketing for my website and out of that money I had no more than 12 orders for the whole year. I can't afford to spend that kind of money and not see any profit. I personally couldn't afford to pay that, but I trusted the talk and I believed that these people would do what they said they would do, which is bring traffic and sales to my website. I need help. I can't believe that I am going through this again. So if someone out there can truly help me, please contact me. Thank you.

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Oh my gosh!
I can see why you're concerned! Without knowing what your website is exactly it's hard to direct you to resources. I can tell you, though, there's a really great website that helps online businesses generate revenue online. It's www.digitalmarketer.com. I've learned a lot from that website.
One other website that could help is www.storybrand.com. He has a multi-day free training course that really helped me optimize my website.
Best of luck!


Thank you for your comment. The name of my website is www.bestspagiftbaskets.com


Dear Brenda

That sounds horrendous but not unheard of!

We have been designing websites since 2006 including providing, SEO, hosting, and support.

You have not mentioned your website so cannot help you with anything specific but if your domain is new, then you have a hard uphill task ahead of you, specially if SEO was not part of your original design brief.

As generic help here are a few articles to help you with:


I know this is a lot of reading, but you need to arm yourself with as much as you can before talking to anyone about your website so you will not fall for another $8000 scam.

For any specific advice, please contact us via our website https://www.cognisant-hosting.com

We look forward to the possibility of assisting you.



Thank you for your information. I am sorry I can't use you because you are not here in the United States but I will use your advice.

Hi Brenda

Glad you found the answers useful.

We have clients in the US, South America, Asia, as well as across Europe. "Being in the US" or any country that your website is based on is not really a good reason for selecting a supplier in a virtual world of the Internet. The important thing is to use a company that knows what they are doing. Expertise is not about location but about understanding the subject and having the necessary skills to execute.

In any event, we wish you the very best in your endeavours.



Hi Brenda,

I'm guessing this is for your website bestspagiftbaskets.com. I'd like to suggest some of the following for it:

1. Website design: The minimalist concept of your website is good but the design could use a little upgrade to fit in better with the current design trends. Poor design can often make your site look a little spammy to Google and hence keeping you away from the top.

2. Blog: Blogging is still the best marketing techniques for a website. I see that you have a section for it but no content. Please make sure you add a lot of blogs related to your business, products etc. Try putting up at least one each day. The more the content, the better. This is the only way you can bring actual traffic to your website. Choose your keywords wisely.

3. Product Pages: You product pages too could use some upgrades. Write a little more detailed product description with the appropriate keywords. Write something more about each product in a basket instead of just mentioning the products. This again contributes to your website's content and SEO.

4. Social Media: Your Facebook page seems to be doing well. Try expanding to other social networks like Pinterest. Upload the images of your gift baskets regularly. The images are good so it should attract some attention. Also give the website Onmogul a try.

5. Collaborations: Not sure if you've tried this but if not, try collaborating with some event companies and planners. Offer them customized gift baskets in bulk to be distributed after events. You can even offer this feature on your website, let users create their own gift baskets. This will engage them better.

Try these for a while. You should definitely see a lot of improvement in your site. Plus, none of them would cost you a lot of money. Hope this helps.

Matrid Tech

My website was re-done in 2015, which I have had many good comments about the site. I can't keep redoing my website, the products are news and I get my pictures from the people I deal with, which are wholesalers distributors. I do a lot of posting on facebook and google, also doing on Twitter and Instagram. The people that I hired are doing those things writing post on Twitter, Instagram and doing blogs

The baskets are already made I don't customize and I am just one person so I can't do everything that is what I am trying to hire someone else to do the work and come up with new ideas in getting my website producing results.

Thank you for your comments


8000$ is 100 coupons by 80$ for 100 new customers ( 100 orders ) or 200 coupons by 40$ for 200 new customers ( 200 orders ), both are more than 12

I don't what you are saying, and what you are saying is really no real advice.


Hello Brenda,

We offer virtual employees for web development, mobile app development, website design services, digital marketing, website & mobile app maintenance, content services, and phone call quality assessment.
let me know if can help you with your concern.

Contact Number: 03 9988 6017

Email ID: enquiry@optimalvirtualemployee.com

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