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What type of digital marketing strategies should we implement for a startup?

What type of digital marketing strategies should we implement for a startup? We are in the primary stage and do not have much money.

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Congrats on the new business. Being a business I see the world differently, my question is how long you want this to take to see results. If you have time then digital marketing is the best bet, like SEO, SMM, blogs and social media as you know this method will take three to six months.

If you want to be a little aggressive, I would get a sales team hiring rock stars and depends on your sales cycle pay them a straight commission. Then I would use email marketing and get a call center at a good rate. This way you can see money coming back in ASAP... and you can focus on the low hanging fruit. Then you can put the money in the digital marketing strategies.

Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat...

What seeds are you planting in your business...


Hi Jenny,

Glad to hear you planning to start your business.

Having been involved and advised clients on a start-up digital marketing strategy may I suggest the following techniques:

- Blog on stories your business, opinions on latest developments in the industry (using WordPress.com, plus you can build a website on this platform)

- Social Media profile on Twitter and Facebook with content on your business start-up journey, latest trends in your industry, promoting your blog plus don't forget Instagram to show any images. LinkedIn is good if you are targeting a B2B audience.

- Email: this technique will be useful with targeting clients/customer but have links to your blog posts and social media channels.

- SEO: develop profiles on Google My Business and Bing, from which will help enhance your presence in organic search.

All of these would form part of your inbound marketing strategy and the costs to implement this will be low.

As for a website, I would suggest using WordPress.com https://wordpress.com/learn-more/?v=site to build a site. If in doubt look on Udemy.com for courses.

Hope my advice is useful and good luck with your start-up business venture.


Hi Jenny,

Start with SEO to make your website more user and search engine friendly.

Get some quality backlinks from your theme relevant high authority websites. It will help to improve your website presence on Google search results.

Make some social presence through pages likes, followers, and reviews. It will help to build trust and a reputation in the eyes of your customers about your business. That will convert in your future conversions and improve your sales.
Make some quality and unique posts on your website and share them with the help of social media sites.

All this will helpful for a new startup...


Hi Jenny Petula,

I suggest you to follow inbound marketing strategies like SEO, SMO, SMM, and content marketing.
Before that your website should be crawl-able by different search engines....

Thank you


Blog marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote goods and services on the internet today. Commonly referred to as business blogs, these sites are able to capitalize on their versatility and ability to interact with visitors to the site. Whether you’re involved in affiliate marketing or are promoting your own products or cause blogs have proven to be very effective online marketing platforms.

If you are looking to start you own business or perhaps already have one you may want to consider using a blog as your primary business site.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why blogs are so effective as online marketing platforms>.


One of the most valuable aspects of blogging is the feedback you can get from your readers who leave comments. This form of market research is gold to any online business looking to succeed and grow. By simply posting questions and asking for comments the site owner can gain valuable insight that can be used to improve both the blog and the business.

Search Engine Ranking

Due to the freshness of the content most blogs offer search engines visit more frequently as do the readers. This results in a higher ranking for the blog with the search engines. This increase in ranking will then bring more visitors and this cycle will serve to again further boost the sites ranking.

Give and Take

The give and take nature of a blog leads to a learning experience for both the readers and the site owner. The exchange of ideas and information benefits everybody who participates by expanding their current knowledge base of the topic being discussed.

No Time Sensitivity

Both posts and comments are timeless from the standpoint that they can be read and responded to over a delayed period of time. The need for ‘real time’ responses is neither expected nor required allowing all participants to engage when it is most convenient for them.

Site Adaptability

Due to the give and take nature blogs offer between the site owner and the reader it is easy to adjust or adapt to the whim of the readers. If posts are intriguing readers will let that be known and encourage more of the same. If however information or comments are not well received or unpopular the feedback will allow for adjustments to be made accordingly.

After reviewing the 5 reasons above it is easy to see why blog marketing is both effective and popular. Whether your primary focus is affiliate marketing or perhaps offering your own goods and services business blogs can effectively accommodate your needs. So if you want to start your own business online you would do well to consider using a blog as your primary business site. The ease of use and the flexibility a blog can offer will likely make your online business experience more pleasurable and financially rewarding..

Recommended tool for SEO: Semrush.com

You will need Semrush only for first three months and you can easily do the keyword and competitor research for the blog posts your team will publish for the next one year.


For a startup, you want to pay utmost attention to branding. You want to make sure you know how to express your company directives with the right image and slogan. Next, you want to create a website that speaks volumes about who you are. Getting on Google map would be the next step to get immediate traffic. For some businesses, it may not apply.


There are two types of Digital Marketing techniques


You can reach the audience with the following free very important Digital Marketing Techniques:

Search Engine Optimization
we will reach the audience from organic search results. You can learn to implement this technique for absolutely free www.everestvision.com

Social Media Optimization:
In this technique we are going to target the audience using social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, PinInterest,Instagram, Google Plus, twitter and so on.

Email Marketing
In this digital marketing technique, we are going to target the audience using Email to send advertisement.


Go for outreach it well help you big time. If you are looking for digital marketer to help you wit this task. I can help you can connect with me here: salmann423 at gmail dot com

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As in any business venture, it is important to put together a plan where the services are turned into useful digital informational packages. The plan must define goals and objectives, target-market profiling, possess an interesting theme to promote search-and-share on social media, determine competitive price points, and most importantly, define how the services will eventually be monetized.

However, you do not need to agonize for months on getting the plan just right or choosing the perfect company name, website domain, and catchy brand. The beauty of internet marketing is that it provides a low cost entry into the market of your choice. In order to achieve a low cost start-up, you must either be personally experienced in website design, and understand the intricacies of search engine optimization and ranking, or find a partner who can take charge. Quality content must be linked to other authoritative websites, networks, and affiliated marketing sites. Without this, your website and bright ideas will be invisible on the net. This is the big caveat to low cost start-ups. If you cannot find a website developer as a partner then look for a web wizard on a pay-per-hour basis.


Hello Jenny,

First of all, you must know your target audience. Once you have discovered your target audience, plan a campaign that targets customer's pain points.

For example, in today's era there is a scarcity of water and if you do something that can replace water scarcity then it would automatically attract your customers.

Secondarily, you can go to Google's Digital Unlocked Course. It's a free online certified course that will really help you learn to start the business from scratch.

Thank you and keep growing!

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