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Is your government doing enough to support businesses?

In the country you're in, does the government do enough to support sole traders, or small to medium businesses? As in, what policies are in place and what else should they be doing for businesses to start and succeed?

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I honestly do not think so. It seems that they do everything in their power to prevent small businesses from further development.
I guess we lack business loan grants. In any case the harder it gets, the more we'll be trying.


Since small and medium business is the backbone of the UK, I do not feel that UK gov does nowhere near enough to support, encourage or incentivise these industries. The tax rate is too high, corporation tax is daylight robbery anyway so don't get me started on that. There is no encouragement to earn more and pay less tax in any respect. If you grow your business, you do well, there should be incentives to pay less % of tax. It's an absolute outrage that the better you do, the more you are stung! This country is setup for the super rich, who don't bank here anyway, and just supports the lazy British chavs on the dole. Sorry but this question provoked an English multiple business owner that is fed up with this arostocratic bs!

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