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What is the best option for promoting our business?

Hello there, I am a manager of a small company and we are trying to hit the market for information about cryptocurrencies. Our services provide data on what to invest in and how to make the most profit out of it. Since our budget is quite limited we decided to think about two options. First one is to order own whiteboard animation explainer video like these https://topexplainers.com/whiteboard-video/ that will make it easier for our customers to understand how we can help them. The second option is to get basic SEO services hoping to get more visitors and customers. What would you recommend? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, Anatasia;

Unfortunately, it isn't a "one or the other". You actually need both Content and SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization services need value-add content to search and rank.
Your whiteboard animation explainer video is a sample of value-add content.
The more value-add content you produce and put out there (on your website, social media, youtube or video channels, business networking events, etc.) the better your SEO results.

I also recommend videoing your speaking engagements, ebooks, and webinars for additional content and as lead-generation. If you create content that interested individuals need to "opt-in" or submit their contact information to receive, you will be increasing your lead list and contact list. Once you have the interested individuals' contact information, you can follow-up with additional information, newsletters, complimentary consultations, etc.

If you put out important content and you have a high SEO results but don't have a way to collect contact information of the visitors, you are doing a disservice to your business. A significant amount of content that you publish should have a CTA (or Call To Action) - giving the interested individuals an opportunity to leave their contact information in exchange for a white paper, a video, an infographic, an ebook, a cheat sheet or template.

Hope this helps.


Find out where does your audience hang out the most. For instance, a website like Fool.com. It shares lots of valuable data about investments. So, reach out to them, ask analytics data and maybe your audience is out there. Check if the offer banner solutions.

The good places are also Reddit, Quora, find your niche forums, maybe reach out to Youtube influencers.


Ok, because this is my field of expertise I would recommend you just one option.
Applying SEO as a marketing tool and not a basic one but very heavy SEO service.
If interested please pm, I will help.
What is the situation now is the crypto world?
This is a basket full of eggs.
Now you must pull out the gold one from others.
As I realize you are tight with the budget so SEO is the only alternative.
I know a few projects which applied Farming Marketing Method and initial cost is 30-35k per month.
I can not say if it is black hat or white hat, but all who ordered from owners and I know personally two are very pleased.
Why not when this guy made them millionaires.

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