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What makes an entrepreneur?

What makes an entrepreneur? Is it a certain type of person or can anyone become one?

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The definition of Entrepreneur is a person who sets up a Business or businesses and takes financial risks in order to make a profit. What this could mean in basic terms is a person who sets up his own company or companies that are successful. We tend however to regard an entrepreneur as someone that has many businesses and does not not just have one company. The general feeling is that an Entrepreneur has entrepreneurial tendencies to run their own company to make a good profit. In reality there are lots of entrepreneurs out there and anyone can be one. Hope this helps.


Entrepreneurs have a greater capacity for pain and discomfort than most. They can stay up later, work longer hours, stay more focused and, somehow, are able to set so much aside in deference to their dreams and visions. But there’s so much more that sets them apart.

This guide explains the personality traits that make entrepreneurs who they are.





Ability to see the bigger picture

People person


Not afraid of failure

Opportunity spotter

Financial thinker



Anyone can be an entrepreneur. But, they have to adopt certain characters. How? An entrepreneur is a go-getter, want to go extra-mile to achieve something. They have an insatiable appetite for perfection in some way. You know, we have millions of entrepreneurs out there and the only thing holding them to come out and show their worth is "fear".
So, another trait for an entrepreneur is being fearless, self-belief, breaking the normal rules, passion, and vision to reach the destiny only them can see.

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