What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is not the glamorous career path it’s been made out to be. It’s not about big ideas and ideals. It’s not about hopes and dreams. It’s not about guts and glory. It’s not even about invention and innovation. And it’s certainly not about a search for fame and fortune.

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Hi Shahida,

To be successful you need great ideas for business, management, plan everything and manage money wisely. But definitely you have to do what you enjoy. On Business.com are lots of articles about it. Here are some examples:


Set your finish line and do not stop before actually reaching the line. Be patient with the obstacles. Solve them one by one.



A good entrepreneur does not focus on the profit only. You must have a lot of passion for what you do. Have patience. Be open-minded. Take advises from anyone, even a little kid. You would be amazed what great ideas can come from a child, homeless person or old people with no education.


Every successful entrepreneur has the following traits: (1) a passion for their idea for a solution for a better world, (2) the discipline to make it happen, (3) a well thought through business plan to implement, and (4) a fundamental understanding of accounting. If any one of these is missing, then success and return on any investment is doubtful.


I wrote an article recently about this very thing. Let me know what you think. But you are right. http://www.womenonbusiness.com/entrepreneur-journey-tips-for-being-better-without-being-bitter/
You have to be in it to create change, create jobs, and make a difference. Money should not be the #1 driver as a measurement for success.

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