Social media: Should I do it myself, or outsource?

I have several social media pages for my business, and it's quite a lot of work to maintain. Should I hire a social media expert to improve or maintain them, or should I just work on them myself? What are the pros and cons to hiring a social media expert? My main concern is that a freelancer I hire may not get as good of a grasp of the ins and outs of my industry and what makes my particular business unique. What are your thoughts?

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Hi Zack,

This is a tough question Zack, a lot of business owners are asking the same thing.

They are also asking, how much should I spend, are we going to do video marketing, article marketing, image marketing to engage with our followers. How much is that going to cost financially and our time. How are we or our outsource person going to respond to our community and stay on top of all of our social sites.

Dana brings up some good points about hiring a social media experts, they also have to understand content marketing, SEO, Video marketing, your demographic, cultural and so much more.

If you have a 6 month to 1 year of a budget to hire on a social media expert. Also you don't have the time to do mange your social site yourself because your business needs you in other area's I would say yes go hire a social media marketing expert. But before you do educate yourself on your community and social media marketing.

I have my own marketing agency out here in Toronto and the number one challenge when it comes to social media marketing is this, how are you going to build and retain relationships with your past clients, current followers and new followers who are interested in you/your business?

People throw out the terms KPI (key performance indicators) ROI (return on investment). Which are great measurements but if your Social Media Marketing Expert isn't focused on building relationships so that your community knows, likes and trust you/your business. It doesn't matter how many KPI's they want to implement you are not going to get any growth in your business if you don't create that fundamental relationship and become an authority in their eyes.

My recommendation is this

1) Go to YouTube and search Gary Vaynerchuk. Watch every video he has to understand how Social Media Marketing is changing how we do business.

2) Connect with your clients and followers to see what they need inlines of content (video, images, text, articles) and how much engagement are they looking for. This will help you strategize your social media marketing plan and who needs to be part of that team. People use the term campaign, social media is on going, yes you might have campaigns of product promotion but your social media marketing is always going.

3) Keep it simple. People think of having their brand out there on every social site. I am going to be the only social media person here to tell you. Focus on one and be an expert on one. Then grow it out, once you see the system is working then move to the next social site and build that one out. This is not a sprint it's a long distance race where you want to provide quality vs. quantity. I know you have multiple social sites and my question to you is which one do you see the most activity on and get the most business engagement with. That will tell you which one you need to focus on.

i hope this helps Zack.

I would take the time to learn the social media platforms in detail and manage them solo. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google all have free learning platforms and you can earn professional certifications at no cost.


Running a successful social media branding or campaign takes time and skill. You could do it yourself, but would it be great? How long would it take you? That's time spent away from doing what you do best and generating revenue.

Hiring a social media expert - social media is what they do and it's all they do. They know how to properly use hashtags and keywords, how to optimize any content, they track trends, they follow industry news, they watch your competition - they know what to post, how to post and when to post it for maximum benefit.

Excellent answer!

I agree 100%

Almost a perfect answer. Just remember Facebook users and twitter users act as though they are talking to a live person so answering promptly has been a huge key to everyone's success. Remember not only do you need to post stuff... You also need to monitor and maintain your community. G/L with your project Zack.

Yes - we use Jugnoo as a listening and engagement tool for our clients, so those conversations can happen and happen quickly. Another reason to outsource!


If you choose to tackle social media yourself, there are several tools available that will help you manage your social media pages. These can be useful because they will save you a lot of time and energy. There are disadvantages to maintaining your own social media, and one thing to keep in mind, is not all social media platforms work for all types of industries. I have some resources compiled that may help you understand, I will share with you if you like.
A social media expert is a great resource. Typically they understand the nuances of each social media platform, when the best time to post is, what type of content is appropriate, etc..
Also, they can help you manage the fact that you must respond to all comments on social media which can be an overwhelming task. If you work with a reputable person, they will spend some time with a discovery phase to learn about your business, the industry, etc...


Hello! It depends on how active and what your social media goals happen to be!

Like nature vs. nurture I say you need to hire someone who knows what they're doing to help you out but you also need to maintain some activity with the content because, in the end, it is your name and your business.

1. Create a document that describes your goals and your "voice" on social media. This way you give your SM manager clear guidelines on how you want your posts to sound and what kind of content you want to see. This will also be useful to have because SM can have high turnover so this is a simple way to make sure your voice has continuity even if you have to have multiple people contributing.

2. Be sure to send links to sites that might have great content/sites you frequent to start your SM manager off on the right track with the kind of posts you'd like to see. Any SM manager worth their salt can give you input on what type of content makes sense on which platform.

3. Anything industry specific published--blog posts, comments--should really come from you. Social media isn't just something to throw content onto--it's a place where your clients get to know your company culture and get to see you as an expert in your field.

4. Have a specific goal in mind for ROI: is it likes? Engagement? Transactions? Anything you put forth needs to have a trackable goal or there's not way for you to discern what's working and what isn't.

5. Metrics, metrics, metrics: Make sure you understand or know someone who understands how to use the metrics/insights for your platforms. Don't rely on a freelancer to tell you how things are going--ask for monthly updates from them but also make sure you're keeping track of things on your end.

I have some blog posts on my site about what social platform is best for what kind of content:

Good luck in your search! I'm here to help if you need it!


Your "main concern" reveals the answer. It is best to handle your own social media marketing program. You know your business and industry the best and can engage in social conversations in the most authoritative way that a freelancer cannot. That being said, can you "farm out" your social media to a third party? Yes, to a degree. They can place general posts and updates across your social networks. When it comes to engaging in the conversations, then it would be time for you or someone within your organization to get involved.

I know that business owners would rather concentrate on what makes their businesses successful. Social media networks serve a variety of functions: customer service, relationship building, meeting prospects where they live online.

If you are feeling that you cannot effectively utilize all the social channels you currently have, it would be best to pick the ones that serve your goals the best. I would concentrate on using those social channels where your prospects live online and then those where you customer reside. Too many times I see businesses utilize a social channel just because it is big; A B2B business generally does not need to be a Facebook, their prospects are not on Facebook looking for solutions to their problems.


I think the real question what are you trying to do on social media? I think some answers before me referred to that as "Strategy". I think the trend is towards a social business, not just a social media strategy.

It is not just about posting or monitoring - it is really about why your posting, and why are you monitoring. What type of engagement are you driving. In most cases, I would suggest hiring some type of assistant - but only after you've created enough social media activity - people are already talking about your work on social media.

If you are just thinking of posting links to your work, or other cool stuff you found on the internet, use tools like Hootsuite.

Really, you need a social business strategy - a way for business activities to create a culture of online, social media responses - positive or negative. Until that is in place I wouldn't spend money on a "Social Media Expert" to help you.


I think Dana hit the nail on the head -

What I tell all my clients is that Social Media is an investment of time, skill and creativity - if you have hardly any time to devote to your Social Media campaign it will strongly reflect on your image, efficiency and ultimately your efforts may be all for not.

Then again Social Media can be done by anyone - in the sense that if you have time, dedication and a small budget to advertise it can be done.

My company focuses on Content Marketing, not just tweeting/posting status updates and bland text, we focus on genuine content creation, curation and building strong meaningful relationships with our client's audience/customer. This is in my professional opinion the best way to go about a Social media campaign, but it is extremely time consuming, even more so if you're on a tight schedule and need to cut corners just for the sake of posting/tweeting.

Outsourcing your Social Media campaign to a professional would be a smart investment, and quite frankly when you choose a solid company to do it for you on a reasonable budget it makes all the difference.

So my answer is YES to outsourcing your Social Media, but try and get a group that incorporates Content Marketing.

On the note of you worried the group might not understand your niche - if you go with a professional group, a savvy one who perhaps has a wide variety of different clients with just as much success as the next you can get a sense of how effective they can be. If they are REALLY good they'll learn your market and adapt to it - the top Social Media Marketers are usually very savvy when it comes to understanding a market niche and capitalizing on it - community managers on the other hand, who just regurgitate status updates, with no creativity and minimal effort, just for the sake of posting, aren't nearly as effective.

And just to be clear that's not to say anything bad about CMs as it is an essential role, but there are many posers out there that claim to take your Social Media platforms off your hands for a ridiculously low price and you really get what you pay for with very low quality work and minimal results.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to contact me on my website

Best of luck

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