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How do I get my website out of the Google Sandbox?

I recently launched a website after putting in a lot of effort to choose keywords that would get it a rank high. But instead, the keywords received null rankings. I think my website is experiencing the Google Sandbox effect. So guys let me know how to get my website out of the Google Sandbox.

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Hi there,

It is normal for all new websites that they don't rank at all. So, don't worry about it. I would encourage you to use social media and start guest posting. Here is a link where you can submit your guest posts for free: https://bestinau.com.au/guest-posting-sites/

You might also focus on creating more content on your website. A good idea is to have a blog.


Anonymous User


We have been designing, hosting, and carrying out SEO since 2006.

There is no such thing as Google Sandbox.

Firstly we need to clarify "Google Ranking". The old ranking of website and pages are dead as Google no longer publishes them so all websites, no matter how old and popular, have no visible Ranking from Google. Other tools try to guess it by first guessing Google's algorithm (good luck since that changes all the time), and also the do not really know so their guess is as good as your own. For this reason you should not waste time and money chasing Ranking.

Secondly, even in the days that Google Published Page Rank, website placing on Search Results were not dependent on their Rank but on other factors Your placement on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is not related to your Page Rank but on 3 main issues:

1. Relevance
2. Authority
3. Trust

Relevance is about how relevant your content is to the search term (not just 1 page but the entire website). If you have 1 page about "How to cook XYZ" but your website is about travel, you are unlikely to come up high in a search for such terms when you are competing with websites who are about "Cooking". So relevance is not just about 1 page but your entire website content.

Authority is about how much your content can be relied upon on a given subject. It sort of goes hand-in-hand with Relevance. Take the example above, if you have lots of links from other cooking related websites, specially those with "Cooking XYZ", then your authority is high. The authority is also assigned by how much content you have on a given broad subject matter, in this case Cooking. So think of it like this, if you were a Professor of Astrophysics with PHD & books written about the subject, will you also be an Authority on Economics? The answer is NO. Just because you know everything about 1 subject it does not make you master of all subjects. Google Authority works much along the same lines.

Trust is about how long you have been around (experience), how long you have paid for your domain (commitment), quality of your links (spam or no spam), quality of your IP Address (yes really you should think about your hosting company you choose), quality of your server content (don't share your servers that include spam, porn, malware, etc. websites), quality of your domain (reports of spam/abuse), Security (SSL, malware on your site, hacking record,), etc.

This means you should choose your hosting company with care, so cheap hosting may end up costing you your business.

After you have these issues sorted (a new website has a job doing that), you then have to work on the other 1400 contributory factors of Google Algo!!

Here are some articles to help you:


I hope this helps.


Thanks, Ali Zartash-Lloyd. The links you shared can help a lot to acquire knowledge about Sandbox effect.


It is always the best thing to do to refer back to the business plan and doing marketing according to the available promotion.
Good luck


Your website is new and I think not indexed by Google yet. So please make an XML Sitemap for your website and submit that to Google Webmaster Tool. It will help to index your website easily.

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