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How can I enhance the UX design empathy of a website?

I would like to know more about UI design. As I am designing my website with the help of UI design techniques.

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Empathy is the most necessary requirement for the design of a website to ensure that you are able to provide a better user experience. It can help you bridge the gap between the users and designers.
The first and foremost step to implement empathy in your design, you need to conduct a thorough research about the same. In this you need to have a proper idea of the user behaviour. In this you need to include the end users from the design process. In order to make sure that the users feel empathetic towards your product.
Before conducting the user research, it is necessary to know about your users. These include knowing about their age, gender, location, interests, earnings, and other such information about the users. In this, you can choose either the behavioral research, attitudinal research, qualitative research, or quantitative research.
Creating personas is also a quite helpful tool in the user experience testing. It is the fictional representation of the ideal customer. It also helps in the proper user research and helps meet the needs and goals. These can help you answer some questions like:
How the customers perceive my product?
What is the behaviour pattern of the users?
Testing the app, website, etc. on your own or with the help of your design team may not yield optimum results. In this, you must get suggestion from the users and execute it carefully.
This can be done by:
Ask good questions
Choose some necessary topics
Choose right number of people
After having conducted proper research, it is necessary that the information gathered from the user research, these must be properly implemented. However, with more research, you will get many suggestions that may not be easy to implement in your website. Hence it is necessary that you remain selective of the features that is implemented.
After having implemented the suggestions gathered, it must be open to suggestions. Any useful suggestions must be implemented. Implementing these in your website or apps can help enhance the UX design empathy of the website.

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