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How can I build links from high DA forums?

I have a list of high DA forums and I need to find a way to build links from those. But it is so difficult. How can I do it? Do you have any good strategies on link building?

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Building links from high DA forums are not easy, you have to be as less spammy as possible. Do not link everywhere, try to understand what is the discussion about, then give your opinion.

Thanks a lot. You helped me a lot.


When it comes to high DA forums, you need to work on your karma, otherwise your account will be blocked right away. Participate in threads, give valuable pieces of advice and only then include a link.

Ali is right. Quality forums can sniff out spam really quickly. You need to actually become an active part of the community for weeks if not months before you start posting business links.


I have a personal opinion on link building. Every day I find out post related forums and create an account. The first benefit- you will get a profile link, And nowadays profile link is helpful enough. And the second benefit- find a discussion to post related to your business, in which post you need to link. Or create a new discussion on your post and put your link in the discussion. If you create an attractive post then you will get a good link from the site's visitors.

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