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How do you find VP of Technology / CTO types of jobs?

I just recently started looking for a new job and I've received high paying opportunities from big companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc., but I have very little interest in working for these really big businesses even in a Software Architect role. I would love to work with a smaller company as a VP of Technology or CTO, but apart from the few opportunities I've received through LinkedIn I'm really unsure how to find those types of positions.

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I would post up a ad using newspapers, magazines, and social media with your specific qualifications and what kind of company you wish to work with, you might even need to become a partner....or minority stock holder...


what kind of projucts would you be interested in given your software programming skills?
would you be investing as well?

I've spent my career working in many industries and just love challenging projects. I don't especially have a preference. I would ideally like to work for a company that is also interested in giving me at least a small ownership of the company so that as I help the company succeed I am rewarded for that success.

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