How do you deliver excellent customer service in your business?

Looking for advice from people who serve people well. Customer service is something that ensures our customers hang out, continue to buy from us, and keep coming back.

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Hi Denise,
Customer service is everything. A clean store/office, pleasant knowledgeable staff, answering the phone in two rings or less with a friendly demeanor (and not putting people on hold, if you can help it). Customer service is the entire buying experience, soup to nuts. Whenever I manage a team, I try to emphasize how every action, every comment-- when interacting with a customer or on behalf of a customer or around a customer-- is customer service. Customer service is NOT just when there's an issue or problem. It's sort of a general answer, but one that I think is important. If more businesses thought this way, there'd be better customer service in the world! Without our customers, we aren't working. We don't have customers unless they have a superior experience.

Thank you Jessica!!! Do you train your team about their body language too??

Believe it or not, I do. How they sit (if they're sitting-- for example, my front-desk people), how they hold their arms (don't cross them!), even how they stand! It makes a big difference. After more than a decade in healthcare, a quick touch on the shoulder goes a long way, too. (Although it's inappropriate in other fields/environments). I tell my team they are walking, talking billboards for our company when they are at work. It is CRUCIAL they represent us in a good light with every action they take.

Thats true. i applied the same on my epoxy flooring

Without exquisite customer service my business would not be thriving as much as it is now. One bad review and you have an uphill struggle
Pete - Loft Conversions Newcastle


Great feedback on this one so far!! Some quick points to consider regardless of industry.

My experience is to know your client, anticipate their needs and deliver service far above the expectation from the client. The best service is proactive. The next best is being timely and responsive when it's reactive.

I've learned that a service mentality is embedded in the DNA of some people and not others. Hire the right people to deliver the service you desire. Build a culture around the service model you are aiming for. Top down leadership on this is critical for success.

You read and hear that companies need to deliver an "experience" to the client for them to like and remain loyal. Sometimes easier said than done, but a consistent focus on service and executing the hard work to keep it meaningful in the culture should be a priority of all companies.

Apply SMART goals and ask "why" 5 times as you dig deep. This will help define crystal clear expectations which will be needed for others to embrace and engage. Best of luck...

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Excellent hints and tips here for all businesses wanting to thrive in the current economic climate



I deliver excellent customer service by:

* Providing a free webinar series weekly to help educate business owners about social media marketing, reputation management, SEO, and many other business solutions.

* Providing a way for the business owner to make money before he has to pay for our services. It is an interesting twist on a traditional lead magnet except our lead magnet does not cost the owner any money, yet he is making money right away so he has the money to pay for marketing services.

* Listening to clients questions and concerns and providing innovative solutions.

* Follow up with clients on a regular basis making sure they are happy with our products and services.

* Offer incentives for referrals (if they are referring my business to others then I know they are happy)

Thanks for your comment Cynthia!! Love the value you give your potential clients!!

Completely agreed with Cynthia's answer. Thanks for sharing such types of information.


Stupid simple: give them what they want!

OK, easy to say, not so easy to do.

The phases of experience (in short form) include: desire, choice/evaluation, decision, expectation, engagement, and rememberance. Each has its own psychodynamic territory in your customers mind/body engagement with your service.

The best service will be percieved and remembered by those customers who experience the least costs, cognitive and economic, and most joy, surprise and happiness, throughout the cycle of engagement.

In my opinion of course...

BTW, although you might be taken to ask customers "what they want" you are likely to come up short with the map they present. Psychological studies have show that people do not know their own minds and will "feel" and behave differently than espoused. (Not my opinion!)

I completely agree here. You give your customers what they want, but also what they "expect". When I walk into any Subway, I "expect" a certain experience. Not in a rude way, but you become familiar with what you expect when you come in there. The workers where their uniform, the labeling is all the same, the food prep is the same, the prices are the same, and the whole feel is the same. This is why I really focus on having my employees with my house cleaning
business to wear the same logoed polo, show up at the same scheduled time and go about the cleaning, in the same manner, every time. People like familiarity and I strive to provide that.

Nice Jobs. This is very interesting content. I think this content is very suitable for everyone. I always try to follow your site to know exceptional tips.

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