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How do I start a maids training business?

I have a degree in Home Economics. I always hear people complaining about hiring incompetent people as house helpers. I want to transfer my skills and experience as a home economist to train domestic workers so that they can do a better job. E.g. training them in home management, child care, basic cooking skills, and basic dress making skills.

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First plan your strategy to tap market i.e. apart from training you can offer placement to your students, long term guidance assurance.

Get your business web site and app developed - having features e.g. training, recruitment, for households you can offer trained maids (for short term or long term basis), etc. etc. Maids and households can register with you and avail services as and when required.

Once you website and app are developed all you need to promote is your website/app. Web/ app based business is now need of the hour.

I can offer you professional web and app development services.



It is a excellent idea. I am wondering if your services would be taken by domestic workers themselves as they would not have felt the need to get better at what they do. But I am sure your services would be valuable to companies who provide such services to clients. These companies could be nationwide or smaller businesses.

As Mukul suggested, you should definitely look at setting up a website so that you have an presence online. You could optimize the pages on the website for the regular keywords that your visitors usually search for. For example, "maid training new york" is a great keyword to target on google search engine optimization if you are based in new york.

You could reachout to local domestic help providing companies and ask them if they would be interested in a training session for their staff. You could do this maybe once or twice for FREE to get a feel of the common questions and to get a portfolio of your services that you can showcase for other companies. Make sure you get a friend to tag along and get some good pictures and videos of your training which will serve as a marketing collateral!

Companies should be happy to pay you as your training services could help them retain their customers and get more work through referrals!

Also, you could checkout some of the online course providers such as udemy.com and see if you can provide your training material as a paid online course. This could mean that you would reach a wider audience online than one you could reach by your own local marketing efforts.

Good luck and let me know if I helped answer your question from a marketing perspective!

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