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How do I move my business?

I would like to move my business. I am stuck in a contract to be in my current location until the loan is satisfied. What are my options for securing funding for both the loan and the cost to move?

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Do Sales and Marketing
Marketing :Marketing is the systematic planning, implementation and control of business activities to bring together buyers and sellers.
Sales: A sale a transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods



(tangible or intangible), services and/or assets in exchange for money. 2) An agreement between a buyer and seller on the price of a security.


You haven't furnished enough information to allow for a reasoned answer.
How long have you been in business?
Are profitable?
Who holds the loan?
Do you have a lease?

I have been in business 10 years and profitable for 9 years. I have a lease that holds me in the structure until the loan is satisfied. I would like to have the opportunity to be able to move my business to a different free standing structure. I started with 200 dollars after all was said and done. I gross 225000 to 300000 a year.


We are looking for Independent Entrepreneurs and Partners who want to the boss of their own marketing company. The right person will have total access to all our services, including SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Development and much more. Currently, we are exclusive to a few elite marketing firms, to give you a better idea. Please submit a proposal how you will be a good partner.

Opportunity to own and operate your own marketing service business. We are currently issuing limited licenses to Partner Offices in selected areas and are looking for entrepreneurs. This business has a low overhead.

Sales experience is a must as this is the primary need in this business.
Ability to build relationships with businesses and referral groups.
Strong customer service management skills.
Must have internet access and a laptop or tablet.
Must pass background check as required by our association

What is a marketing service business?
A marketing service business provides to merchants/ businesses the ability to acquire customers and contacts to their business. The account is obtained by a representative via face to face contact, established relationships or through online/telephone leads. The process consists of getting a contract. Once this is done the client is considered active and the only responsibility of the Partner office is to build the relationship. Our office will handle all customer service and technical support issues. This is when the Partner Office can begin to collect the monthly income for as long as the client is active. With the addition of each client account the monthly income will increase quickly.

Don't know anything about marketing services?
No problem. We will train you from start to finish and support you while in the field. Our support team will guide you through the sale and assist in any way needed. Your office or brand will be assigned a dedicated support manager to assist in training and sales support.

Why Choose Marketing Services?
This business is very flexible. You work when you want to. You decide when you get a raise by simply signing new accounts. This is a flexible business model. Our support team will handle all after hour servicing. You can acquire clients anywhere anytime.

Estimated Income
Monthly residual income is calculated after all expenses from operations. It is dependent on the pricing and monthly volume of the client. Below is what we average per partner. A partner whose sales is only $10,000 in marketing service sales per month will earn less than a partner processing $50,000 in marketing service sales. We average anywhere from $250.00 to $5000.00 per client. This begins to compound quickly!

Average Partner Office Earnings:
Year One- $60,000- $125,000
Year Two- $ 75,000- $189,000
Year Three- $ 90,000- $250,000

Work from home
Set your own hours
Be your own Boss
Financial Stability- You have the ability to give yourself a raise by signing new account

Please send your response to alex@seovendor.net

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There are many reasons for rock placement A flashback or stubbornness, but the most important factor is making the paving stone beautifully executed at a great cost, because if the stone weaving on the floor of the house, office, factories, shop or ... is carried out by operation Do not trim and polish an unpleasant face in the rock, and as time goes through, sediments and dirt on the rock will increase and cause unnecessary growth.
Rock dowel screw
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Rub stone


Please elaborate your question a bit more so that people can help you with the specific answer.

Restaurant Manager


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Just Packed up and move.

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