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How do I get free images for my blog?

I've heard horror stories of Getty images and other stock photo companies slapping a $250 fine on bloggers for taking their images off Google search. I always thought that public images on Google were free game. Where can I find free images for my blog that still hold some originality and are visually appealing and attractive to my readers?

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Here's a couple:
Try these pages mentioned on LinkedIn:

Bing offers a service where you can find public domain, free to use, and other types of pictures and clip art:

When visiting this site, I think you'd want to be sure that you are indeed getting free or public domain images. You may have to look that one up.

Unfortunately, almost all the images on Google have some kind of copyright or other. And they come right out and tell you that some images may be subject to copyright.


I really like http://pixabay.com/. I have used their photos extensively with great success.


Here is a good resource to get quality photos that don't look like there generic stock: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237094


I like this wordpress plug-in called ImageInject at


Images on Google are public. Stock photo companies are just trying to get money out of you. In no way do you have to pay the "fine" they send you (which is actually just an invoice).

Though, to answer your question my favorite site to use is Stock Free. www.stockfreeimages.com

Actually, Google supposedly has a tool where you can separate the totally free images from those with some kind of copyright. This story is quite recent, so you may want to check it out:


Images on Goolge are not free or public domain. It is very common for people to "borrow" images they find and keep sharing them. Getty images and other copyright holders do come after people and they do collect, on use of copyrighted images.

If there is any question about anything at all involving the use of a photo or graphic - do not use it.

Image on Google absolutely are NOT ok. There are thousands of not millions of illegally uploaded images that if you use you can get fined over and even taken to court.


Hi Anisia, I would strongly recommended this article http://goo.gl/7uWA0Q
Many of these photographs from that sources are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. Also here is my favorite page for icons downloading / http://www.flaticon.com/

Anonymous User

I have used stock.xchng (www.freeimages.com and formerly sxc.hu) in the past. It is owned by the infamous Getty Images as you can read on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stock.xchng

www.rgbstock.com seems to be similar


When you take an image from a website that does not list its Terms of Use or licenses for images then how are you going to know you need a license for it? You don't therefore it's hard for Getty or even the AP to hold you to that "fine" so in our experience, we've just taken them down and ignored any other notifications from them. I believe it's just a scare tactic and the ones that do pay may have crossed the line into foolishness.

You can filter images on Google under its Search Tools>Usage rights then 4 options:

Labeled for reuse with modification.
Labeled for reuse.
Labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification.
Labeled for non-commercial reuse.

Wikipedia also uses unlicensed images. Take photos yourself. Hit up Flickr and other image sites and ask the photographer to use that image.

But ultimately to get the really good ones, you're going to need a license.


For very visual and stunning graphics, with a little bit of edge, I recommend www.unsplash.com. They have a creative attributions license on all images, so use away!


It appears you have several links to find images. As has been stated in a few places, make sure the images you use are actually free or public domain. Just because it comes up in a google result doesn't make it free. How would you feel if someone found your personal photo in a google result and then used it for their own purpose. That does happen and several blogs have been sued for privacy and/or photographer copyright infringement on those.

We use hundreds of images each year so we keep a spreadsheet of the image description, URL where obtained, date, license (when applicable) and where we used it. We also morph images and merge different ideas and images together to make them unique to our product or post.

Since some of my clients produce creative products and they wouldn't want someone to steal their product, their website or blog content and use them for free so they make an effort to insure the images they use are free, public domain or they buy a license. A little thought about karma.

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