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I am looking for a programmer to finish my website. Any recommendations?

I have been developing a website for the last 9 months and the current developer is not working at the moment. I always knew it would be hard to find someone to work long-term on the website but didn't realize it would be this difficult. I have used freelancers before and that is where I met my last developer, but this time I want to try and source one in the UK as its easier time wise.

Developing a relationship with a freelancer can be hard initially. If you want a small quick job, it's great. I have contacted a few companies, some have replied while others haven't. The ones that have replied just haven't been suitable because a lot of them work per hour on short projects and this is more of a long-term project. I am starting to wonder if I am going to have to give up. Any help, good referrals, or advice would be very much appreciated.

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Hello Claire,

I'm Sreejith from Floges Software Solutions (P) Ltd. I believe that the best solution for your website development is; hiring offshore dedicated developers. You can pay a fixed amount monthly, you will get experienced web developers for long-term. We are providing dedicated resources to clients in UK, USA and some other countries. They are very satisfied with this model in terms of quality and cost.

Please visit our website https://www.flogesoft.com for more details and please message me if you need any help.

Best regards,


Dear Claire

Although we are based in Spain we have developers in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.

We have managed large and small projects in Europe and US, as well as Government contracts which means we have security clearance.

We will be delighted to help but need to know more details about your project, so please DM me or visit our website http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/ and contact us through there.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks I definitely will, the one main problem is that the previous developer has and I don't know how this works, made the website specific to them if that makes sense and although I have had interest, once companies have taken a look, they are not too sure how the website has been put together if you know what I mean, they have developed the website bespoke, I suppose so its unique to them and I go back to use them. This is great if they are taking on more work but at the moment they don't want to take on any work so that has left me kind of stuck. Will contact you anyway to see if you can help. Thanks.

Hi Claire
This is not unusual. Whether we make a bespoke website or WordPress/Joomla based one, we document all code that we write and give the client a copy.

Part of taking on new projects is to document the code so that we have a record of how things have been developed. Unpicking code is not difficult but it is time consuming, which means you have to prepare yourself for some upfront cost with any reputable company.

Once the code has been documented then it makes it much easier to work with and develop. This is one thing a lot of customers do not appreciate. What appears to be cheap can work out very expensive in the long run.

We can give you a range of options based on pricing including maintenance contract with defined SLAs.


Hi Claire,

try Virtual Professionals (www.virtualprofessionalsph.com). a young and dynamic philippine-based company that caters IT outsourcing and staff leasing. it is cost efficient at the same time staff are highly skilled.

They finished multiple US-based projects, and you can check our their clients for reference check.

contact the company here: contact@vitualprofessionalsph.com or management@virtualprofessionalsph.com

Okay I will thanks, thanks for the help.


Try to find one at https://www.upwork.com/

Thanks I will check that out.


You can find a lot of best programmer who work as a freelancer. So you can find your solution at Freelancer.com.

Thank you, I have now gone back to freelancer for more help.

Claire the best help you can ask the freelancer who designed your website is to make sure they document the code for you. You should always think "What happens if this person is run over by a bus tomorrow?!". I know this sounds awful but this is the premise we work on. All our engineers document the code they write so anyone can pick up their work and run with it. This way you are not held as a hostage to "fortune and fate"!


I recommend you to check out the website from https://weblium.com There are some good professional programmers who can create a nice website for you really fast. I think you will like using it, good luck with your projects ;)

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